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By Steven T. Riesenberg, DMD
April 13, 2020
Category: Dental Care
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Signs That You May Have Tooth Decay

Sometimes it may not be obvious how vulnerable teeth can be. We think of teeth as very strong and long-lasting and sometimes we forget that we need to make sure that we take care of them in order to keep them that way. Tooth decay is common and can go unnoticed, the problem is that if it remains unnoticed, tooth decay can become larger and lead to tooth loss. At Washington Family Dentistry, Dr. Steven Riesenberg is focused on making sure that our patients are being treated with the best possible dental care he can offer along with teaching them how to prevent tooth decay. Read on to learn more about tooth decay and how to detect it early.

What Are Some Signs Of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can sometimes go unnoticed and that can then lead to larger problems, that is why it is important that if you notice any of these signs, that you go and visit your dentist so that further tooth decay and potential tooth loss does not happen. Some signs of tooth decay include:

  • Toothache: pain that occurs in your teeth without apparent cause
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth pain when eating or drinking overly sweet foods
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Visible holes or cavities in your teeth

With the most common symptoms of tooth decay being toothache, this is usually the first sign that something can be wrong. If a toothache lasts longer than a day and there is no apparent reason for the tooth to be hurting, visit your dentist as quickly as possible for evaluation.

Learn More About Preventing Tooth Decay

With the help of a trained dentist like Dr. Steven Riesenburg at Washington Family Dentistry you can learn about your oral care needs and make sure to keep your teeth healthy and strong. If you live in or around Washington, NJ, call our office at (908) 689-5129 to make an appointment today.