“I have been a patient of Dr. Riesenberg for about 15 years. Over the years, I have been very happy with the care and quality of his work for me and my family. Dr. Riesenberg and his staff are friendly and very helpful.

- Cindy
  Washington, NJ

“The personal attention everyone in my family has always received has made a monumental impact on my own personal life, in 2005 Dr Riesenberg noticed a lump on my neck during a routine exam and told me to have checked out immediately.

When I did, it turned out to be Thyroid Cancer, it was caught at such an early stage that removal of my thyroid and one treatment saved my life, all because he was paying attention and gives each of his patients personalized care. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone or any family without any reservations. To this day everyone I tell this story to, cannot believe that my dentist was the one who found the lump while checking my tongue and throat during a routine exam

- Joanne

“I have exclusively been a patient of Dr. Riesenberg and Washington Family Dentistry for over 14 years, even though I moved out to Stroudsburg, PA 13 years ago. I have always appreciated the consistently high quality of care I have received, as well as the friendly, professional staff and pleasant atmosphere and decor of the entire office. Dr. Riesenberg strikes me as being very competent and well-informed on all the latest advances in modern dentistry, and he has a very personable, soothing chair-side manner, which is a big plus, especially during long dental procedures!

- James Brown
  Stroudsburg, PA

“Our family has been going to Dr. Riesenberg's practice practice for over 12 years, during this time the service offered by his staff and office has been second to none, his staff has always kept my family’s visits warm and personalized.

Scheduling appointments has always been a painless process especially since the staff is so accommodating to our busy family life, between work and school with two girls playing soccer, basketball and lacrosse, it’s not easy, but they always made it work for us. Today both my daughters have beautiful smiles and healthy teeth. I would definitely without any question recommend Washington Family Dentistry to anyone looking for a dentist, I can’t say enough about the service and staff.

- Joanne Hibbett

“Our family has been patients at Washington Family Dentistry for over a decade, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the expert and sensitive care that we have received. Dr. Riesenberg and his entire staff do everything possible to ensure that each visit is a positive experience. The office waiting room is tastefully decorated and comfortable and the front-office staff is polite and professional. They always try to accommodate our busy schedule and they provide timely reminders about appointments. The first concern of the dental staff is the health and well-being of the patient. They always take the time to ask about your overall health and any particular concerns that a patient might have about the mouth or teeth. Before beginning any procedure, a doctor will explain why it is necessary and what will be happening to your teeth. The office uses the latest technology to ensure that a patient has the best possible outcome with the least amount of discomfort. Dr. Riesenberg and his staff want what is best for their patients and when necessary, they will refer you to another expert practitioner. Washington Family Dentistry follows up on the care that they provide and they do everything they can to make sure that the treatment a patient receives is appropriate and effective. Washington Family Dentistry cares about the health and welfare of their patients, and they understand that making patients comfortable is a key component of good dental health.

- Lori and Terence Finnegan

“I have been a patient of Dr. Riesenberg for three years. During that time, I traveled over half an hour to reach his office. For me, the drive was well worth it, as I could not find the same level of professionalism or personal care from any other dentist. Visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience, and what I appreciated most about Dr. Riesenberg was how he would explain everything he was going to do before he started any procedure, which put my mind at rest. He is a wonderful family dentist, who I would strongly recommend.

- Heesun A.

“Love the people who work here. Kind and helpful.

- Annabelle O'Brien

“Having always had gum problems, I needed the best doctors in dental care. Dr. Riesenberg has always given the best possible care needed and guided me well. Excellent dental care always.

- Loretta Hopkins