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By Steven T. Riesenberg, DMD
December 23, 2021
Category: Dental Health
Tags: Toothache  

If you suffer from shooting or dull pain in your teeth or gums, difficulty chewing or swallowing, headaches, or generalized tooth or jaw pain, Dr. Steven Riesenberg, a dentist serving in Washington, NJ at Washington Family Dentistry can help you remedy this problem quickly. 

The Most Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Dr. Reisenberg’s team sees toothache patients in Washington, NJ for many common causes including:

  • Nerve root exposure
  • Decay of a tooth
  • Injury to the mouth causing tooth damage or loss in sports or another accident
  • Gum or tooth infections

Pain can sometimes seem to be because of a tooth issue even though it appears elsewhere, such as in the jaw, due to temporomandibular joint stress (TMJ) from clenching the teeth at night when you sleep or due to stress. You may also experience pain in your ears, sinuses, or even occasionally in your chest due to teeth and gum issues that need to be addressed.

When Should I Contact a Dentist for Tooth Pain?

The best time to contact your dentist is before tooth pain ever happens. Preventative care can prevent many problems that cause tooth pain like cavities, or gum disease. A regular check-up is the best way to avoid future tooth pain. That being said, if you’re experiencing tooth pain now, don’t wait for it to subside. Apply a cold rag, and call to make an appointment as soon as possible so that you can find the underlying cause of the pain and take care of it quickly. 

Are There Non-Invasive Ways of Curing Tooth Pain?

Sometimes your tooth pain can be remedied without a tooth extraction, crowns, bridges, or other invasive procedures. Sometimes these procedures are necessary, but they can also be administered while keeping you very comfortable so that you experience almost no pain. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment if your tooth issue is impeding your quality of life. Take care of it quickly before it compounds into larger problems. If you’re ready to deal with your toothache pain with a warm and caring staff guided by Dr. Reisenberg in Washington, NJ, call Washington Family Dentistry at (908) 689-5129.