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Dentist Washington, NJ - Washington Family Dentistry

Our focus is always on the well being and comfort of our patients while using the lastest technologies to achieve their desired results. We partner with our patients in creating good habits, proper nutrition and regular professional care that will result in improved oral health and an artfully crafted smile.

Prevention is the core of our treatment philosophy.  

We are a full service family and general dentist office serving the area of Washington, NJ. We offer: tooth-shaded direct resin (fillings), ceramic restorations, crowns, bridges, veneers, and restorations on dental implants. We also offer full mouth rehabilitative services, endodontic services, preventive services, non-surgical periodontal treatment and denture services. 

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Our office is designed to make every appointment more inviting and comfortable.

Steven T Riesenberg, DMD

"My treatment approach is one of listening to my patients and working with them to reach a commonly agreed upon health goal. I educate my patients on the importance of dental health and the role it plays in a person's overall health and well-being..."

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